Lines Snowboard is born from the fusion between our passion for snowboarding and the need to reach the most exclusive places. A new travel concept where snowboarding is the excuse to visit the most fantastic places on the planet.

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Our first destination is Finland and it couldn't be any other… did you knowthat there are more than 40 words in Finnish to describe the different typesof snow?

Lapland boasts incredible lighting conditions and a white nature that stretchesas far as the eye can see, a unique environment that the Finns call “Lapin taika”: “the magic of Lapland”.

Reduced group courses

The lines in the snow represent freedom and exclusivity, no two lines are the same, each line is unique. Lines is presented as a new unique and exclusive club concept.

We work very hard to offer you the best. Our technical team has been selected with a single objective: to take your snowboard to another level. We have: a level III sports technician (national coach) and Chinese and English speaking coaches.

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